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T25: Day 1 = Cardio

I was so excited to start this workout that I was awake before my alarm even went off at 5:30AM. 
I just can’t seem to exercise very well in the afternoon, I just don’t have the energy. However, I bounced around the house this morning so excited about my new routine. 

There were a couple of moves that my left knee didn’t seem to care for so I just did the modified version. I LOVE that there is a modifier for every single move. So nice if you have an injury.

So… Here we go.

Life of an employed college student is hard. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me it was hard? I hardly ever have time for the things I WANT to do like exercise. 

TOMORROW I start T25. I am beyond excited. Insanity was causing too much knee pain for me so I had to give it up, but I managed to get T25 so I am back and ready. 

I will update tomorrow after my workout. Wish me luck :-*

Insanity Results…so far

I haven’t had a change on the scale, but that’s typical. I have however had some clothes fit looser. YAY!

My husband has seen quite a difference on the scale. But when you look at the man you see a big difference. Damn him and how easy it is for him to lose weight.